With Social-4 your activity is increased in value — twice!

Earn income while posting your status, uploading photos and more — that's unique only at Social-4. So you enjoy twice as much: Use this community to stay in touch with your private or business network — and collect bonus points for your profit. After annual financial statement 10% of total profit from Social-4 will be shared with total of bonus points from all users and you'll be payed proportionately.

An overview for your current summary is to be found an main page (Home) on desktop-Browser or left in menu on mobile view.

Here is the current list of bonus points for members in group Registered User:
Post your status 4 Points
Write a comment 2 Points
Friendship invitations (only for new users invited to S4)
Sent invitations 10 Points
Successful invitation 10 Points
New thread 3 Points
New post 3 Points
Multi Media
Upload a photo 2 Points
Create a pixy 4 Points
Add a video 2 Points
Publish an event 2 Points
Publish small advertisement 3 Points
Pages & Groups
Create a page for "Likes" 5 Points
Create a group for members 5 Points
Polls & Quizzes
Publish a new poll 3 Points
Create a new quiz 3 Points

Hint for the table view of activity points (Home)
First line shows the activities in summary (Total Items)

In the second line it shows the summary of all multiplications (Activity Points)
[Summary of activity] x [Point value for activity]

The following lines of table cotain the the summary of points for each activity.

As at November 2013
Social-4 has its right to correct bonus points manually or delete those in case of probable cause for misusage. Suspicious fact is sufficient. There's no legal claim to receive bonus points.