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If you want to show all the other users that your profile belongs to a real person, submit your request to get verified today.

Let the other users realize you're not a fake! Being a verified user will give your posts and comments more weight.

Here is how it works:

  1. 1.) Check your Data
    Check the necessary data as listed below. Edit your entries if they don't match the rules prior submitting your request.

  2. 2.) Photo/Document
    Make the photo as defined below and if necessary make a copy of your document, too.

  3. 3.) Send request
    Click the Link to eMail us your sensitive data. Your photo and document copy won't be stored within the community!

  4. 4.) Administration process
    After S4 administration has received and checked your mail with positive result, your profile will be set to verified.

That's all. Just that simple!

Hint: You can't change display name, date of birth and gender after successful verification by yourself. Please contact your support team if your name changed e.g. due to marriage. Everything else could be updated by yourself like before.
Display Name:
This must be your real name! Initials for middle names and/or surname are allowed.
Not allowed is only forename, surname or any fantasy/nick name!

Samples for full name settings:

Jane Doe

Jane Doe
Jane D.
John Jay Doe

John Jay Doe
John J. Doe
John D.
John Doe

John ©
♣ John ♣

You can edit this here!
Gender: Female
This must be your real gender!
Not allowed is an empty field!

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Birthday: ..
This must be your correct date of birth! (Day.Month.Year)
Not allowed is an empty field or fake date!

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This you used for registration. Best would be you'll send request from this address. (Option)

This is your current profile image. Best would be a portrait photo from yourself. (Option)
Your photo must show your face and readable personal data!

This is a sample photo. Send us one like this. Try to capture it with sufficient resolution.

Make a photo from yourself with any official document (Identity Card, Driving Licence or equal) in your hand. The document has to contain a photo from you, your real name and date of birth.

You can't get a photo with readable data due to its resolution? No problem! Make the first photo as described before with that document in your hand and a second photo from your document and send us both.

It is not a fail if you cover other data on the document. Just keep the necessary data readable!
Send request:
If you've checked the data above and taken the photo(s) then send us your request by Email.

Beside attached photo(s) your message must contain your user name and registered Email address to let the administrators handle the verification process. Thank you.

Klick here to open new mail with connected app

Or copy following Text and send it with photo(s) to this address:

We will send you a notification when verification will be processed. This may take a couple of days.